July 21, 2021

Cat enclosures

Fencing in cats has become more popular in New Zealand due to the increasing pressure of protecting our native birds. Cats are natural predators and are often nocturnal hunters who will go out at night and catch birds if they can.

They are often so well fed they will not even eat them. Providing what are commonly called Catios will allow your cats the ability to go outside to
see and hear all of the action without having to get involved. Access is usually via a cat door or a side window with a security catch which you can leave open or close as you require.

Incorporating a roof over the top of the enclosure allows the cats to stay dry and adding in climbing platforms gives them plenty of places to play and exercise, as much as cats ever do!

The best thing about these platforms is that it gives the cats somewhere high to run to if they get startled, for going to a high place gives them security. Your outside access is better not to be low to the ground for this reason as they ideally need to be able to return indoors with a feeling of
safety for them to get the best use out of a catio.

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