July 21, 2021

Aviary and Chicken Coop Construction

There are quite a number of reasonably good off the shelf aviaries if you have a small number of birds but for larger numbers and ease of use people often put in a walk-in aviary that has a two door setup that prevents the birds from getting out.

This is probably the safest option for keeping small birds. A small number of chickens can be kept using a basic coop, however they need enough room to allow a recognised pecking order for them to thrive and lay eggs. Height is important as the dominant chickens need to be at a higher level for their pecking order to work properly.

They need to be tucked up at night in an area that is free from predation by rodents so ensure that the netting has small apertures and is well secured. Investing in one of the new automatic gate openers can really help maximise the chickens outdoor time if you have the ability to let them free range during the day and can often save on how much grain you need to
feed them to get regular egg production.

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