July 21, 2021

Palm Tree Removal


Why People Get Their Palm Trees Removed

Palms are really attractive but they do grow to an enveloping size quite quickly. They also tend to shade the surrounding soil from both sunlight and moisture.

Palms also tend to sour the soil making it difficult to grow anything else under them. They can become a great place for birds to roost where it is sheltered and dry. This is also a haven for rodents such as rats who will quickly predate the birds and then look for other sources of nearby food, thus theft can often be seen around the house if you have a palm near to your home.

Theses are the main reasons people choose to have their palm trees removed

How To Safely Take Down And Dispose of A Palm

Removing a palm tree is not an easy task as they have often grown to a large size, so they are difficult to cut down safely. Pruning and removal of the leaves is usually the first operation and this can be a dusty and painful job.

Big palms tend to shed moisture so they are often dry and dusty, making it uncomfortable for the pruner and the groundsman to handle. They often have rather large defensive spikes also and being dry and hard these can cause painful injuries that are prone to infection. Cutting down a palm tree with big spikes is where the palm tree removal experts really earn their money.

Once the palm fronds are safely removed the trunk of the tree can start to be dismembered piece by piece. On a big site it is sometimes possible to cut the whole palm tree down with just one cut at the base, but in a suburban environment it usually has to be taken down in pieces.

Occasionally we have to attach the palm to a crane and then cut it down to avoid damage to a nearby structure. Palm trees are very fibrous and full of water, making them difficult to cut with a chainsaw which can quickly clog up. This is why a lot of tree removal contractors avoid palms. Also disposal of a palm tree is not straightforward as they need to dry out a lot before they are able to be burnt.

Commonly we have to cut them up into manageable sizes and load the pieces out onto a truck and cart them away to landfill as wasteful and expensive task. Customers who have an option to store palm tree trunks onsite for burning or burying can save quite a lot of money in disposal

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