December 4, 2016

Other Services

Other Services

Our customers love having just one trusted supplier to deal with. We started out just providing fencing and gate services,  but over the years we have added to our range and become a one-stop-shop for a wide range of property services.

We have team members that specialise in the following services:

Our contractors are committed and take pride in the quality they deliver to you. At Tauranga Fences, quality service delivery is non-negotiable! All the work done at your home is managed by one person, to ensure communication is always clear.

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Why choose us?

–           Customised service to fit your needs

–           Fast and reliable

–           We give what you want on time and within your budget.

–           Skilled and professional team.

From your first inquiry, we work hard to provide you with an accurate quote based on your requirements. Working with us will give you peace of mind as we work efficiently and at the same time adhering to our high quality standards. Our friendly staff are unmatched anywhere, as we hope to work with you again and again.